Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Binder Bandwagon....

So in attempt to organize my life, I decided to jump on the Binder Bandwagon. I have been skipping from organizational blog to organizational blog. Not to mention Pinterest (which is awesome btw!) I've been reading new ways to organize each room.

So far I haven't input anything yet. I am starting off with an organization binder. At the moment I am waiting on my binder to show up in the mail. (ordered one online, along with tabbed dividers, and pens SPECIFICALLY for the binder).
I decided after I bought these items. I need to get some pocket protectors, for birth certificates and shot records, and some baseball card holders, for our social security cards. I also want a binder zipper pouch to store my pens in. And I've not figured out if there is anything else I want yet :) I did make sure to have dividers with pockets. This way I can store the bills where they need to be, etc.

I will have a financial tab (where I keep track of bills, our budget, business phone numbers, monthly spending list, grocery lists etc).
I will have a health & wellness tab (where I keep track of our doc info, medication info, healthcare budget, exercise log etc...)
I will have a family info tab (this is where I will have our important information such as kids id sheets, with recent photos, important information for sitters, family/neighbor phone numbers, emergency numbers, kids daily routine, chore charts, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, etc)
I will have an information tab (where I keep our personal address book, fave website list, website/password information, etc)
I will have movie tab (where I keep a list of all the movies we have in our home. I do this because we lend our movies out quite often, and I want an inventory since we have 400- 500 dvd's, also considered doing this for music, since we buy music on iTunes and put on our iPod and have thousands of songs LOL)
I will have a Home tab (this is where I will keep track of our home projects, how much we spend on our home projects, and possibly later keep photos of them, as we are working on remodeling our home)
I will have a Calender tab (where I have a yearly calender, and weeks at a glance)
I will have a personal tab (where I have inspirational quotes, goal journal, rebate/freebie trackers, and personal notes/reminders for myself.)

I'm sure I will find more things I need to add, however, this is what I am starting with. I plan on making a pretty cover for my binder to make it look good, and keeping it in our safe when not in use or being carried with me.

I'm working on putting up a gadget to the left that will have the forms I use, for download by you for personal use only - please do not sell these, and if you wish to give them away - send folks here to find them :) Thank you

I'll keep you posted!

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