Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working out...

So last night Rachel and I did our first Zumba workout, then went for a walk afterwards to 'wind down'. Kind of hard to follow for a newbie, but I know I will get the hang of it. And wow am I sore! I could feel it everywhere! Loved it. It was so much fun! Today is day two of my shakes. So we will see how that goes.

We did our weigh in and our measurements yesterday.. Plan on weighing in once per month, and measuring at least that often if not more often, haven't decided yet. Today is the Wii Fit.. Feel the burn!! Hope to up my routine to more minutes at a time as I get a little more used to it. I really don't want to over do it, or I will be in severe pain.

Anyway - here is the 'before' photo (no I don't do the whole, shorts and sports bra shots, I'm not confident enough for that, thats for damn sure)

My biggest concern (personally and from my doc) is my weight. If I can get my weight down, I know I will feel better. Plus, I would love to not be considered 'obese' anymore. I despise that word! My personal concern with my 'shape' is my stomach. Going to work on getting rid of that 'spare tire' around my mid section. I HATE that. Nothing fits right, and I look like a cow with it. So that is my focus. My stomach.. if you have any tips on removing stomach weight (without surgery) let me know! I do know they say that it is the hardest to get rid of. So I will be pushing.

I am continuing to cut back on my soda intake. And this time, since I am doing it gradually, I am not getting the migraines I normally get! Yay me! I'm also cutting back on my food intake. Going to try to portion myself. 

Thanks for all the support everyone. Keep shoving me when I need it!

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