Monday, April 4, 2011


I just found out I will be doing two reviews soon. One for Pink Papaya (if everything works out right) and I have products on the way from a WildTree consultant, to do a review for her!!! Can't wait!! Be watching for the reveiw (and possible giveaway) posts soon!!!

Today is a cold dreary day. I miss yesterdays weather. Even with all the wind, before the storm hit, it was 92 degrees out. And now its so cold we are huddled under blankets, because I don't feel like braving the wind to go start a fire. (still scared when the wind is blowing, I'll catch something on fire outside of the stove LOL). Me and my 'baby boy' (Andrew who will be 6 in 11 days) are sitting here watching movies coloring and playing on the computer. He woke this morning with a NASTY cough. So, he's home with me today.

So I'm resisting the urge to walk down our quarter mile driveway in the super super cold and wind, to check the mail. My Wicca books should be here any day now, and I am so excited to start reading them, and learning more!! I started off with a couple of simple books - to help myself learn more (in addition to the reading I have been doing online, and the millions of questions I have been asking my Wicca friends)
[You may wonder why the photo. This is a beautiful piece I have been interested in. Spotted it in a friends blog and WOW - I've been drawn to it ever since! Hopefully someday! Another one I am interested in will be posted below!]

The three books I am starting with are....




A friend of mine is also sending me another book, that she believes I should read - I don't rightly remember which one it was she was sending me though. Was part of a series. Regardless - I am so excited to start this journey!! I have a couple friends who are starting this journey with me. They are not sure if they will become Wiccan, but they do want to learn more. So the support is wonderful. I have found a couple groups and several people online who are AMAZING. They've answered questions, to the best of their knowledge. And I have learned that I have more Wiccan friends then I ever thought I did. Who have been a huge help. Blessed Be to all of you!!


  1. Hi, Ronni. I'm glad I could catch your interest with the pentagram necklace. I love it, but be forewarned... it seems to get tarnished and dirty easily. I cleaned it today, but I couldn't get rid of all the black stuff around the "bumps" between the latin elements.

    I can personally recommend "Wicca For Beginners." I'm more than halfway through it. The second book is in my possession, and may or may not be my next read (I might read "True Magick" first). The last book is a more advanced one. I'll get to it someday.

    I really enjoyed this entry. Well done! :)

  2. Thanks Amy! I can't wait to get started reading. They didn't come today (Boo) but I know they should be here this week sometime! So excited!

  3. I have not read the first book by Thea Sabin, but the other two by Scott Cunningham were my first reads about 8 years ago now. I think his books are a great starting point and I added a number of his other titles to my library when I was first studying. Blessings to you on your journey!

  4. Thanks for the information Cordelia!! I can't wait to read them!! I hope to have a pretty extensive Library over time - and have TONS of titles saved, that as time goes by, when I'm close to finished with one, I will purchase another if I have the Moolah :)