Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stress Level - Through the roof!

Deep Breath, Count to 10. RELAX.

My Stress level lately is through the roof! Hubbys too. I've got 3 upcoming wedding shoots. Which I am super duper nervous about. Like crazy nervous. I love my job. But I am so completely jittery LOL. Thank goodness to my BFF who is gonna help me get all the shots I need!

Scentsy is going okay. But I'm crazy worried how the next few months will go. I've grown to like that paycheck I been getting, and I know the summer months are slower months. So I'm hoping I can keep the sales up in the upcoming months. I suppose I will have to come up with some amazing specials to make things better.

The whole thing with my Facebook getting hacked has me super crazy. I finally got it back, but still trying to straighten everything out. Trying to get all my pages settled and a couple transferred over since I didn't have access to them for a few days (plus FB had told me that they wouldn't release my account back). Its been super annoying trying to keep up with it. Facebook has THE WORST customer service. Just ticks me off that anyone can go in and steal my account, but I have to jump through hoops, get told that I won't get it back, and all that junk before I can finally get it back! Not to mention - they have no customer service number or email. Jeesh!

All three kids are playing ball this year. So we are juggling practices right now. Massey is on Coaches Pitch and Little League, Dallas is on Girls Tball and Coaches Pitch. and Andrew is on Coaches Pitch. This is gonna be SUPER DUPER interesting! Plus I'm doing the photos for all three teams. And still have to make up a print out to take to all the parents before hand! Jeesh!

I've been getting super migraines the last couple of days. Surprisingly I haven't had Dr pepper too much over the last couple weeks, so I know its not due to the lack of Caffeine. I've been pretty proud of myself lately. I've only had 2 today, which is 10x's better then the 12 pack I used to drink a day.

Then with all this house hunting and loan apps, and figuring bills, and how we are gonna move, and what we are gonna have to do for this to work, etc. Bleah! I'm excited. Can't wait to own our own house, or at least be BUYING our own house, to be able to do whatever we want with it - cosmetically etc. Its going to be awesome, but man, why didn't people warn me that this was such a stressful process????

Then, last night mom texts me and tells me Grandpa went back into the hospital :( I can't help but think that if the hospital would of done what they were supposed to the first time around, he'd be at peace in heaven right now. He's out of the hospital now, but is going to have to be on oxygen from here on out. His days are numbered. I pray for the day when he can stop suffering. Which is very hard to say. But he will be in a better place. If there was a way to keep him on this Earth, and not suffer, that would be a blessing. But each time we all see him, and how his health is deteriorating, it tears us up inside, and I know its getting to Grandma, they promised one another they would NEVER do this to each other :(

With everything that has been going on lately, I haven't had time to ready or study Wicca. Hopefully soon I can get back into it again. I feel neglected on 'me' time.

Blessings everyone, have a great week

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