Tuesday, April 26, 2011

House Hunting

Ugh! Who knew house hunting could be so much work! Hubby had gone a couple weeks ago to talk to the banker about refinancing the pick up. Sounded like a done deal (other then signing the paperwork). We've been driving around looking at some of the lots that are behind on taxes, or that are for sale, or coming up on auction. And found a few we are interested in, with or without houses (figured we would worry about the actual house part after we had the land - instead of putting the cart before the horse).

We've found a few we have bit on. But nothing set in stone yet. Rachel come here yesterday and told me about a house in Kincaid for sale, thats been empty for a bit. That he was possibly willing to do a contract of deed on. Called him up this morning. He's asking a bit much for it. But we are hoping to possibly talk him down some. The house is a house. Its nothing spectacular, it looks liveable (haven't seen the inside yet), but he is willing to do the contract on it. So that is a bonus. Plus the fact that it is liveable is a bonus too, eliminates finding a house with some of the other plots. Its huge. 3 bedroom upstairs, rounded window/corner on one of them. Outside needs some paint, and the yard needs cleaned up. They'd have to finish gettin their stuff outta the inside. And it would need a major cleaning. The kitchen floor needs refinished. But all this we seen from the outside. Friday we are going to meet with the man, and see the whole inside. If its sturdy, and not infested with termites or mold, we are gonna go for it.

Went to the bank this morning and filled out the loan app. Now they have to send it thru their committee (which they didnt' used to) and send it off for approval. And we hope to know something by the end of the week. Its been a stressful process, but if it gets us out of this small trailer (which is falling apart) and into something that is OURS, that we can do whatever we want with, and know that we won't be moving later (or hopefully won't), then it will be worth it. Both our blood pressures are up (Ac's was super high yesterday), but we will get there! We aren't going back now, come too far to do so!! Unless we get a straight NO from the bank, and if that is the case, then we will fight tooth and nail to come up with the downpayment some other way! Excitement, Fear, Frustration, Anxiety... You name it, I'm feeling it right now. The next few days couldn't go fast enough. I'd LOVE to come home on Friday and be able to start packing! I'd love to be moving over the next month-ish, and get it all done. But we will see!

Prayers, Energy, whatever you can send, would be GREATLY appreciated!! If it is meant to be, I am sure it will. Everything happens for one reason or another. But I hope this one is the one that is meant to be!! Would be a great 'starter' house. Or even a great one to live in forever. If it is sturdy, it has amazing potential!!! Will post photos for sure if we get it - so everyone can see it. :)

Blessed Be!

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