Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scentsy Info - Must read if you love Scentsy :)

Every year Scentsy does an annual Bring Back my Bar Campaign. What does this mean??

This means that you can go to Scentsy's BBMB Website. On this site you can vote for your favorite scents that have been discontinued in the past. (Except for the Fall/Winter 2010 ones). That means that the last bar of Grapefruit Blossom, Meltaway Melon, or Fresh Cut Canteloupe, Or maybe even Cutie Pie Cupcake, that you have been holding onto, because you don't want to run out. You can go and vote! Vote on as many or as little as you like. Vote on it 1 time or 100 times. Doesn't matter. Voting closes April 27th. And on June first, the winners will be announced. The entire month of July, the 20 bars that were voted on the most, will come back for sale. FOR THAT MONTH ONLY. You can only buy them in bar form (so if you really like something I suggest a 6 pack of that scent.) and only until the end of July. It's quite possible you will never have the opportunity to buy these scents again (unless they win the BBMB in another year) - so make sure you vote on the ones you want, as often as possible. If you cannot choose, or don't really care, I'd love it if you voted on the 4 above for me. :) As those are my favorites, and most requested :) (Again that website is

 Several of you have asked me in the past "How many consultants are in my area. Well here is the current map. Don't be discouraged by the high numbers. Remember that the higher the numbers, chances are the higher the population! We desperately need consultants on the east coast! And Team Aromaholics would LOVE to have you! We are a fun, outgoing, supportive team, who's always there for the pep talks, ideas, or just to BS when some of us can't sleep :) If you'd like to know more, You can email me at or you can sign up at Http:// If you refer someone to my site, to host a party, or to sign up. You will get something special IF they sign up, or host a successful party. Just make sure when they sign or book their party, they give me your name and email :)

Blessings everyone! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Scentsy seems to be more and more popular. Best of luck with your business! I was in direct sales for years and really enjoyed it.

    I'm hosting a "Disney" themed Blog Hop at next month if you're interested. Check out the details here: