Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a New Day

Today is a gloomy day. The sun keeps peeking out from behind the clouds here and there. Overall though, its gloomy. Makes me sleepy. They are calling for some Thunderstorms again. Which I LOVE - Not sure why - I feel at peace when it storms. (Well ok, maybe I'm figuring out why - but we will get to that :D)

So here I sit - did a little cleaning, I need to do some more. Watching "New Moon", and probably going to read some more of my book soon. Hoping my new BlackBerry replacement comes in today. Before I chuck mine up against a wall. The trackpad problem is getting worse, but I'm dealing with it until the new one gets here. Can't wait!

So I started reading my first book last night. "Wicca, A guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham". Hubby is being supportive of me reading about Wicca. But has made it clear if I start Practicing Witchcraft, we are gonna have issues. I told him I'd explain when I knew more about it. But that what he was thinking (From movies such as The Craft, and Practical Magic etc) is NOT the way that real 'Witchcraft' works. I'm sure - as I learn more I will explain more to him. I love telling him about things I find interesting. Even if he doesn't always find it interesting himself. LOL

So I was reading the first three Chapters. Which explain a tiny bit about Wicca. And talks about the God and Goddess. It explains about stepping out into Nature and 'feeling' them around you. The more I read, the more Wicca 'speaks' to me. I've always been in tune with Nature. I love it (most of it). Storms. Lightening. Sounds. Trees. Grass. Water. Animals. My dog is my 'protector' when my husband isn't home. Love her to pieces. I can sit outside for hours on a nice evening just listening to the sounds. Feeling nature all around me. Before I couldn't explain it. Now, I feel I can a little bit more. Still reading. Although its already making sense :)

Going to finish my movie and read some more. Blessed Be!

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  1. Witchcraft is very similar to prayer, only you are wishing and hoping for something to come about with your own power, not that of the divine. The Catholic Church has really instilled a fear and misinformation about Wicca, witchcraft, the color black, the pentagram, and other such methods and symbols. "Deprogramming" a friend or loved one can take a lot of time and patience. I wish you the best of luck with your husband. :)