Sunday, April 10, 2011


*Sigh - Not much time to read this weekend. I did get a few pages in my Wicca book read, but not enough to blog about. So onto the much more exciting weekend I guess

Friday night we had our first ball meeting. All three kids decided to play! Andrew will be Tball. Dallas will be on all girls Tball and Coaches Pitch. Massey will be on Coaches Pitch. I think thats it. Guess we will find out closer to time. Kids are super excited. I even got my replacement phone so i was able to end that POS back that was screwing up on me!!

Got home Friday night, and my stupid computer wouldn't fire up. It makes grinding and beeping noises. Ugh. SO ended up having to order a new one. Gateway with 4 gig memory and a 500 gig HD. Cannot wait to get it - will be my new work computer! Should be here by the end of the week for which I am grateful, so that I have it in time for my upcoming photo shoots and weddings!!

Saturday we went over to Heath and Rachels for a BBQ, and then went 4 wheeling for a while in the dark afterwards. Was a GREAT NIGHT. Even after the horrible day we all had Saturday, was nice to relax and kick back with friends!

Today was AWESOME! We went out 4 wheeling with Heath and Rachel and Matt on Heath's family land. Tons of fun trails. Whole day with no worries. NO cares in the world but our own safety. I'm burnt to a crisp but it was sooooooooooooo worth it!! Was an absolute blast. Massey wasn't home this weekend, so afteer he got home, while I cooked dinner and put the other two thru the tub, Ac took him out alone on the 4 wheeler and had some fun. SO he's pretty happy about that!!

Hope yall had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the weather!! Blessed Be!

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