Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mi Vida Loca...

Wow things have been amazingly crazy lately. This house in finally looking like a home. I cannot wait to start working on the floors and painting on the walls. Ordering designs when we can afford it to hang up on the walls (I'm into this whole vinyl art movement). I've been pushing my Scentsy every way I know how. Started doing product swaps recently with friends. Not only does it help them and me, but then we don't have stock of too much stuff LOL.

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and I am still trying to decide what to get Andrew. We have already figured out what we are going to get Dallas and Massey. Geesh if my kids are this hard to shop for at this age, I can't wait until they get older! (NOT)

Its been a super painful week. Between the cold weather, and spending every day on my feet moving and unpacking, I am ready to collapse at the end of every single day. I've never felt so much pain! No sympathy wanted. Just venting is all. I will eventually learn how to deal with it in my own way. Right now I just relax, take a hot shower, use my tens unit and take a pain pill if I have one. I hope to find other means to handle the pain as time goes by.

For now I will sign off and go get my boy from his father's. Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

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