Monday, December 26, 2011


Ever been so damned frustrated that you want to rip your freaking hair out?! That's about where I am right now. I am frustrated with some of my so called friends, who would rather lie to me then tell the truth. I hate that they will tell me one thing - or ask me to do something, and then go elsewhere or not follow through. Its irritating when they try to deny it, Its even worse when they try to hide it. Thinking maybe I won't notice. Hmm Gee - Guess I have "I'm freaking stupid" written across my forehead.

I am frustrated with our Toyota. The POS just keeps getting worse and pissing me off more. Everytime we think we have figured out the issue, we haven't. It hasn't been in the shop for any reason in like 7 years. And now - it needs it again - but we can't figure out the issue! Makes me want to scream.

I am frustrated with my children. They are being typical kids I know. But the have spent all of Christmas Vacation so far screaming and yelling at one another. Jumping on furniture no matter how many times they have been told, timed out, or had something taken away. Calling one another rude names. Trying to be bossy and rule the house. I'm at wits end with them!

I am frustrated with my dog. She will go out, without a leash, go potty, and come back in with no troubles when my husband is home. Only for him. If I take her out - she attempts to rip my arm off. Makes me pull a stupid freaking muscle. Or if one of the kids takes her out - she pulls hard enough to slip out of their hands and bolts, and we spend hours chasing her. She used to be a really good dog.

I am frustrated with my Fibro. I am so sick and freaking tired of hurting all the time. I feel weak, and helpless. I feel worthless when I ache. I can still do some things, but not others. When I have to ask for help, people I ask, get irritated with me and look at me like I am stupid for ever asking. I don't like it. I wish this crap would go away. 

I know I know I'm just complaining but I had to get it all off my chest - y'all didn't have to read it LOL

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