Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wow - Big Changes

So I haven't been blogging lately. Things are SUPER DUPER crazy around here.

Currently - we have 6 ball games a week. Dallas & Andrew play Mon & Thurs. Andrew plays Tues & Fri and Massey & Dallas plays Tues & Fri. Super crazy keeping them all going! But they are having tons of fun.

We are still working on buying the house. We meet tomorrow to revise the contract, then we will go get it signed. Its only a few weeks away! July 1st is when we take possession!! I absolutely cannot wait to get going in the new house! Much bigger!!! I will have to post a photo soon!! But I wanna wait until we sign the contract to do so. We have several phoen calls to make over the next couple of weeks to sort out bills and such.

Hubby got his new job. He put in his two weeks notice with his current job 1 week ago Friday - well his boss decided to 'demote' him to part time for putting in his notice. Ugh - what a jerk! So he's been hunting odd and end jobs to pass the time, and make some money. He went last night to do his physical, and drug test. And they told him he starts Friday. So we have 1 week left with him home. This is gonna take some MAJOR adjusting. Not sure how we will handle it. He will be gone for 1-2 weeks at a time, with just 2-3 days home each trip. Definitely going to be hard for a while. We are gonna miss him like crazy. I pray this is the right move for us.

Hubby passed his GED pre-test. So proud of him. His scores were on a college level. He has to go in next week on Wed & Thurs to take his finals. Right before he takes off for the new job. I know he'll do well. Super Duper Proud!!!

Well that being said I'm gonna go Mow! Y'all have a great weekend.

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